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7 Massages for Dogs Suffering from Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis
7 Massages for Dogs Suffering from Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis
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Why Massage for Dogs?
Home Treatment for Dog Arthritis Pain and Dog Hip Problems
Smart dog parents know that massages are much more than pampering sessions (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being pampered!). Athletes and other physically active people already take advantage of the many health benefits of massages, and active dogs would love to receive those benefits, too. Massages can be very therapeutic for all types of dogs, especially for older dogs, and dogs with joint issues, arthritis and injuries.

We worked with a top Canine Physical Therapist to develop the content for this book so that anyone can help their dog feel better in the comfort of their own home, without spending thousands of dollars for specialist care.
The Benefits of Massaging Your Dog
  • Alleviating Dog Hip Pain and Other Symptoms of Canine Hip Dysplasia ​​
  • ​Improving Healing from Injury for Dogs With Hip Issues and other Joint Issues
  • ​Home Treatment for Dog Arthritis Pain
  • ​Improving Bloodflow and Circulation to Boost Your Dog's Immune System
  • ​Give You and Your Furry BFF Some Quality Bonding Time
What Kinds of Issues Can Massage for Dogs Help?
Just like people, massage is great for dogs with a wide variety of issues resulting from aging, natural wear-and-tear, injuries and dogs with hip issues from known genetic problems in their breeds.
What Does This Book Cover?
Complete Instructions (with photos) of
Seven Types of Massages for Dogs with Hip Pain
There are many massage techniques that can be used to help dogs with hip problems and other joint pain like arthritis and stiffness that comes with aging. This free book offers step-by-step instructions on seven techniques that professionals use to help dogs suffering from these types of issues.
  • Effleurage (Stroke massage)
  • ​Petrissage Kneading
  • ​Petrissage Wringing
  • ​Petrissage Skin Rolling
  • Cross Friction
  • ​Compression
  • ​Ice Cup Massage
The names might sound complex, but the clear instructions and photo illustrations will help any dog owner learn these therapeutic massage home treatment remedies.
Grab the Massage For Dogs Book and Start Improving Your Dog's Hip Pain and Arthritis Pain Today!
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